The world of digital print has undergone a complete metamorphosis over the last ten years — and its evolution continues to accelerate at a breakneck pace. New print and small-scale manufacturing technologies have revolutionized distribution models across all industries. Overnight shipping has become more economical, eradicating the speed advantage that local vendors previously enjoyed. Large size and economies of scale no longer guarantee market domination. Competition has grown fierce — and print customers demand more sophistication than ever before.

In today’s dog-eat-dog print market, the Information Value Chain is the cornerstone of operational strategy. Any computer network can move data at the speed of light; however, data in itself is useless. Information is actionable and delivers instant insight. Digital print shops and manufacturers frequently rely on incompatible legacy computer systems. This ties the hands of key people, who may spend considerable time manually translating data from system to system. Fraysen’s integrated solutions, specially designed for the digital print industry, alleviate this information bottleneck and unlock your team’s potential.

Fraysen Systems’ OrderPlus solution translates order data into production-ready information and conveys it to your MIS system in real time — enabling you to deliver more value in less time at a competitive price without slashing your margins. We customize our solutions to your existing infrastructure, ensuring a seamless transition. It allows your key people to focus on building relationships and winning more business.

Here are some key advantages of the OrderPlus system:
  • No more manual re-keying of orders from one system to another
  • Deliver tailored print solutions that meet the unique needs of local customers
  • Free your customer service reps to build relationships and win more business
  • Shorten delivery times and improve agility
  • Predictable costs—ensure that every order is set up the same way in production
  • Improved demand forecasting—production sees order information instantly
  • Reduced production and setup costs
  • Implement change orders without adding unnecessary surcharges
  • Improve equipment utilization and efficiency (through integration with SchedulePlus)
  • Master the flow of actionable information to dominate the competition over the next decade
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Anthony Edwards


Anthony Edwards graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a BS in Computer Science.  His career has spanned over 30 years of innovation in the software industry.  He started his career developing software for Dartmouth College, IBM, and GlaxoWellcome.  He has spent 15 years involved with four start-up companies, including two that he founded (Tavve Software Co and HanoverSoft).  Not limiting himself to start-ups, he has recently managed a software architecture group at Lenovo.  Anthony brings his successful track record to Fraysen Systems of building teams, building business, and making customers happy.  He looks forward to achieving great success for Fraysen Systems and its customers.