FRY_PrintPlus_cIn today’s connected businesses environment, customer orders can originate from virtually anywhere. Web to Print is a rapidly growing sales channel. One that can only be fully exploited if orders flow seamlessly into your MIS system. All too often manual re-entry of orders, quantity and other important details grind CSR and sales productivity to a snail’s pace costing you big.

Fraysen OrderPlus solves this problem by automatically collecting order information from disparate systems to create complete, accurate and fully specified jobs that keep the presses running.

PrintFunctional Deliverables

Complete solution for capturing order information from:

  • Web-to-Print
  • EDI
  • Other automated channels

Integrating key information omitted by the customer

  • Versions
  • Revisions
  • Change orders
  • Job quantities
  • Promise dates
  • Estimated quantities
  • Estimated prices
  • Shipping

Ensuring Correct:

  • Pricing
  • Quantity
  • Shipping costs