FRY018_ID_PrintPlus LogoDigital printing is transforming the landscape of commercial printing. Jobs that used to take hours to setup and run on an offset press now zip through in minutes, provided your MIS systems and digital printers can communicate together. Otherwise your pre-press, job dispatch and data collection processes are still stuck in the stone age.

Fraysen PrintPlus solves this communication problem by effectively translating between HP Smartstream and EFI Pace to get the most out of these highly effective tools. The result is seamless information flow between systems making your work easier and the jobs run much faster.


Functional Deliverables

Complete solution for getting Job information from Pace to Smartstream Production Pro or Production Center

  • Integrates Smartstream Job definition into Pace Estimate and Job: no duplication
  • Customer can control which Jobs are processed automatically by Fraysen PrintPlus
  • Allows Customer to use all available Smartstream tools to define their Job:
    • Imposition Templates
    • Ticket Templates
  • Uses full power of Smartstream to RIP the Job
  • Intuitive
  • Minimal adaptation required in Pace Estimates

 Robust solution to capture Job data from Smartstream back to Pace

  • Will log any Job submission failure back to Pace Job and allow job resubmission
  • Pace Data Collection:
    • Log time to specific Employee
    • Log
      • Job start
      • Job finish
  • Pull inventory material actual usage to Job

No additional costs:

  • Pace API not required
  • No custom code
  • Does not touch Pace database, so EFI EULA safe