A seamless, consistent flow of information is a key component of any successful business operation. The evolving complexity of supply networks makes seamless data sharing between parties more vital than ever. Yet every endpoint is different; different requirements, different objectives and different data sources.

Being different makes satisfying your customers a challenge, but it also provides an opportunity to differentiate in areas where it matters most: delighting your customer. Every business strives to gain competitive advantage at this pivotal point: innovative ways to make it easy for customers to place orders, managing the fulfillment process, and delivering what was ordered—precisely when, where and how the customer wants it.

Fraysen Systems helps you capture exactly what you are doing to meet your Customers’ exacting needs, and automate it so that it happens the right way, every day, without extraordinary efforts. Your Customers get exactly what delights them, every time. This gives your Staff time to find new customers and new ways to delight them.

Off-the-shelf solutions do not support your unique supply chain processes, no matter how critical, nor do they adapt or evolve as quickly as your customer’s needs do. Supply chain data, by its very nature, is complicated, spread out over multiple systems and platforms. Even with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, data likely resides in multiple tables across multiple modules. Often this data exists in different or incompatible formats.

As a result, staff often spend inordinate amounts of time and herculean effort just meeting customers’ expectations, leaving no time to grow the business.

The ability to easily provide the customer with what they want, when and how they want it, are clearly competitive advantages to exploit, not a cost to be eliminated by standardization. To maximize these advantages, your business needs to be able to capture and automate these special capabilities and to constantly adapt to keep ahead of the competition.

There is a solution to this dilemma: a new way of looking at data, and information; a new way of tying it all together so you have what you need to do your job. Fraysen Systems interface directly with your multiple supply chain data sources and use your predefined models of internal workflows to continuously produce actionable information. In addition to producing real or near real-time views, Fraysen stores usable information enabling historical analysis and reporting.

We start with a careful analysis of existing processes and the people and systems surrounding them. We collect and map data from multiple sources and then model both equipment and people in the processes for a full picture of what occurs throughout your supply chain. From there, we put all data into context and generate displays and reports enabling staff to see not only what occurs on a real-time basis but how it fits into the big picture so they can make rapid and informed decisions.


Fraysen Systems Analysis

Fraysen Systems Analysis is an architectural solution to a business problem where current systems are incapable of leveraging the full value of your business operations. Download Brochure


Today’s digital presses are capable of
significantly reducing setup and run
times versus traditional offset presses.

Getting orders and instructions to keep your digital press producing is another matter. All too often manual re-entry of orders, quantity and other important details grinds productivity to a snail’s pace costing you big. Download Brochure


Fraysen’s philosophy is to put business leaders in control of their business processes; every
interaction between people, equipment and products. Opportunities to build competitive advantage
are limitless with the right integration of technology. ProcessPlus makes it easier than ever to bring
multiple data sources together and apply just the right amount of context. Download Brochure


The printing business is highly
complex: each job is essentially
unique in terms of cost, volume,
process and tooling path. Most
print companies have to operate
on very short lead times and
with little margin for error.
Most current MIS systems and
processes require significant
management effort to create,
maintain and communicate
the Production Schedule. Download Brochure