Understanding Barriers to Integration

Currently I am working on an integration project that on the surface may seem simple, but actually is much more complicated. The integration is between software systems provided by two large vendors, both of who support the same industry standards. Job done, you say! I’m afraid not.

These vendors have different priorities, so they have implemented different aspects of the standards. What’s more, when they do overlap, their terminology is different. For example: if they were talking about my car, one would say “Blue 4-Door Automobile”, the other “Compact Blue Sedan”. Not incompatible, but not exactly the same language. So should I suggest a costly and time wasting “start over” to the client?


The interesting thing is that all the information each system needs from the other is present, and it will not be hard for Fraysen to create a set of simple rules to translate from one to the other.

It just takes willingness to work with the systems as they are, instead of wasting time wishing they were the same. Doing this requires domain expertise, organization, discipline and a respect for the information. Implementing the system integration requires flexibility, quick prototyping, and the ability to learn and adapt.

The value we create by eliminating wasteful human data transfer activities through these projects is enormous. That’s why we enjoy doing them! If you find yourself in a similar situation, call us at 919 448 4079, to get your evaluation today.