Giving Your Staff Information is Good!

When I speak with a client who is considering putting in an Operations Management system to collect data from their business and present it as information, it’s not unusual to hear concern: “We would love to do it, but we’re worried the people will resist the change.” Or “we’d love to do it, but we’re worried that people will see it as Big Brother watching them.”

So what do people think of having the performance of the business they work in analyzed and reported on in real time? How about this from a young woman working on a production line in one of Fraysen Systems’ Clients:

I like this system. It makes my work more interesting, I have all the information I need to do my job, I know my Managers know what problems I am facing and what support I need, and it puts everyone on the same level. We all see the same information: Operators, Supervisors, Engineering and Managers.

This was the exact opposite of how her managers feared, she would feel!

In every client that we have worked with, so long as information is accurate and shared equally, Operations Staff welcome it as a way to make a higher level contribution to the business. Look at this example from another Fraysen Client:

One of our pressman ran out of work and needed plates… Our plating operator saw a new job on the schedule. She called the Customer Service Rep and asked if she could print the job ticket and plate the job. Of course, they agreed. The job ticket was printed, the plates were made and the press was back up far sooner than it could ever have been prior to the Fraysen scheduling tool. Needless to say we were all grins and high-fives!

Don’t be afraid of giving your staff information that is valuable. The more data they have, the better they can perform! Many employees will thank you for updating your systems in a way that is so beneficial to them.