Case Study: Real-time Big Data Improves Cosmetics Manufacturing

Our focus is a worldwide cosmetics and beauty care company. Throughout their manufacturing facilities they seek to improve efficiency and continuously improve throughput. They have applied industry best practice improvement processes and technologies in many of their plants. Like many companies, they found these produced at best mixed results. At their factory in Ireland they decided to try something new: Fraysen.

Challenge to be overcome in this facility?
Our Client wanted to address these specific issues:

  • Automate Shift, Day, Week and Monthly Management Reporting.
  • Collect and contextualize key parametric process data for later analysis.
  • Model and analyse production losses from all causes.
  • Accurately calculate Overall Equipment Effectiveness and lower level performance metrics for the business as a whole and for each of the packaging lines.
  • Accurately calculate productivity according to their own specific accounting rules and metric definitions./li>
  • Automate the quality audit process.
  • Provide real-time alerts of quality non-conformances.
  • Enable instantaneous reporting of quality compliance by Lot.
  • Provide a hierarchy of Operator and Management tools to support their Operations and Management processes.

How we did it?

As with all engagements, Fraysen used its modular platform to configure a solution to the Client’s unique processes and requirements. This includes careful analysis of existing processes and the needs of the people and systems surrounding them.


Big Data: We configured a system to collect and map large volumes of data automatically from multiple sources and then model both equipment and people in the processes to paint a full picture of what occurs in the manufacturing line.




From there we put all data into context and generate displays and reports enabling staff to see not only what occurs on a real time basis but how it fits into the big picture so they can make rapid and informed decisions.


At the Cork plant, which produces tens of millions units per year across over hundreds of SKUs with very diverse processes, our Client realized the following results:

  • A complete automated Operation Management System tying together Quality, Performance, Productivity, Statistical Process Control, and Instrumentation.
  • Accurate, actionable efficiency figures at appropriate granularities to Operators, Managers and Engineers.
  • Diagnostic information to enable reliable root cause of process losses and improvement verification.
  • Immediate impact on output, efficiency and productivity amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year

With respect to a project implemented at a similar plant using a solution from a major Manufacturing Execution System (MES):

  • Fraysen delivered at one-quarter the cost.
  • Fraysen implemention in one-quarter of the time.
  • Fraysen delivered five times the functionality: the complete, automated Operations and Quality Management system above versus a simple, manual data entry machine efficiency analysis system.
  • Fraysen delivers the information accuracy and detail only possible with automatic Big Data collection from production equipment and tailored analytical models.

Upper management and line operators alike praised the system:

You allow everyone in the organization to make the right decisions because they have the right information“.— Site Director

It puts everyone on the same level: we all see the same information: Operators, Supervisors, Engineering and Managers.” –Production Operator