Finbar Gallagher has been selected to speak at this year’s ProductCampRTP

Fraysen’s CEO has been selected to speak at this year’s ProductCampRTP. ProductCampRTPTM provides a venue to learn best practices in product marketing and development and build the product development community through networking. ProductCampRTP offers fun, laid-back un-conferences and gatherings where participants share skills and knowledge. ProductCampRTP’s biggest event is in April featuring an all-day un-conference.  A second forum is held in the fall and is usually an evening event. ProductCampRTP schedules one or two social events in between the two education sessions.

Finbar will be speaking on Applying Big Data to Know – Exactly – No. The event is April 16. 

How can this topic help you?

This session will help you with real-world approaches to using data effectively in your organization.

What is at stake?

This presentation will help you discover the difference between having/using data and turning your data into useful information.

What should we know?

You will learn the difference between data (measurements, metrics) and actionable information. You will gain usable techniques to tame your data.

What will we be able to do better?

You will be better able to take charge of information available in your company and how to make use of it.