Sensor Data and Process Modeling Drive Big Results – Case Study Presentation at Danville RIoT Event

Finbar Gallagher, Founder, Fraysen Systems selected by NCRIoT to speak at their Danville RIoT event and participate on industry panel

When: March 31, 2017

Where: Institute for Advanced Learning and Research, 150 Slayton Ave, Danville, VA

Topic: Case Study: How IIoT Quickly Slashed Operational Costs

Summary:  The speaker will look at a real-life example of how IIoT sensor data, when combined with simple models of equipment and processes, can quickly pinpoint big savings. A $60k capital expenditure was avoided while generating $80/year recurring savings by taking data from simple throughput sensors and equipment status registers. This ultimately enabled a satellite facility to achieve 25% higher efficiency and 33% higher productivity than their parent operation.

See Case Study: Correcting Root Cause

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Sponsoring Organization: NCRIoT