Re-keying Orders Impacts Customer Relationships

How manual re-keying of orders impacts customer relationships

Who has time for the manual re-keying of orders with economical overnight shipping that has nearly eliminated the home court advantage in the digital print market?

A vendor across the continent can deliver a finished order as fast as a vendor across the street. Order processing speed is crucial — and so is the ability to build face-to-face relationships with local customers. When key personnel spend excessive time manually re-keying orders from a web portal into production, performance suffers in both areas. The added delay hinders production’s ability to plan and execute, while customer service representatives cannot fulfill their primary function: building relationships.

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    Improves demand forecasting — production sees order information instantly Recoups slack time to stop expediting jobs Reduces production and setup costs Eliminates manual re-keying of orders from one system to another Implement the need for surcharges for change orders Eliminates the cost of redundant data entry

    It’s easy to move data at the speed of light — but extracting actionable information and displaying it to the right people at the right time requires an intelligent system.

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