Touch-Free production ready jobs in your MIS...the way Web to Print should work.

Your Web to Print (W2P) system makes it easy for your Customers to enter their orders. Great. But your Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are still transferring orders to your MIS system or massaging them to turn them into production ready Jobs. Your storefront admin is manually updating order status and shipment tracking numbers to keep your Customers informed. Time they should be spending closing more sales. Time you can’t afford on today’s wafer thin margins.

Fraysen’s MyVirtualCSR solves this problem by turning W2P orders into production ready Jobs. The right parts. The right items. The right Customer information. The right shipment information. And then MyVirtualCSR keeps track of the order, updating your W2P system with status and tracking as soon as it’s available. Automatically. And all from the Cloud. So you don’t manage servers, or yet another application. And you only pay for it as long as you use it.

Functional Deliverables

Complete solution for converting orders from the major Web-to-Print systems to the industry’s leading MIS systems, and updating order status and tracking information.

  • Cloud based: no servers, not support
  • Uses MIS system estimating capabilities to deliver correct workflows and costings every time
  • Transfers correct customer information to the job
  • Correct shipment and fulfillment costs
  • Correct turnaround times
  • Correct shipment methods and details
  • The right information in the right places for invoicing and finance management
  • Monitors item and order status
  • Keeps W2P status and tracking information up to date
  • Confirms job creation to key internal and external stakeholders

All this and more with no servers to maintain, software to update or long-term commitment.

More Information

Download the MyVirtualCSR brochure.