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Setting Software Requirements

Recently, a company came to me for advice after having spent several hundred thousand dollars on a made to order software system. A system which was several hundred thousand dollars more than they had originally been quoted and had taken two years of frustrating trial and error to complete. Sound familiar? What went wrong in this situation and how can you avoid …

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How Does Your Business Work?

How much do organizations typically understand about how their business actually works and what enables their competitive advantage? One of the most interesting consequences of being a Solution Architect rather than a traditional software company is that it allows us to start by asking our Customer: “How would you like your business to work?” What happens next is an invigorating discussion about what people …

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Micro Stoppages: Big Problems Hiding in Plain Sight

Micro stoppages showed why collecting real-world data is critical   In a complex world, big problems often lurk just beneath the surface: hiding in plain sight. People do their best to record data, but it’s not something we are good at and rarely what we are paid to do. The place where we see or feel the pain usually gets …

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Fraysen Systems Selected to Participate in 2014 CED Tech Venture Conference

Finbar Gallagher demos breakthrough business process automation and integration platform that helps businesses solve urgent problems and rise ahead of the competition at September conference celebrating innovation in America’s technology sector. Finbar Gallagher, Founder and CEO of Fraysen Systems, a business automation and integration firm, announced that Fraysen Systems has been selected to participate as a Demo Company at the …

New York Times Talks Data-Wrangling

I love the term “Data-Wrangling” used in a recent New York Times article entitled “For Big-Data Scientists, ‘Janitor Work’ Is Key Hurdle to Insights“.  The article explores the Big Data revolution and the development of software to automate the gathering, cleaning and organizing of disparate data and puts a name on the step that is critical but often missed in Big Data. …

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You Want That Tight Ship

Establishing architecture to create a shared picture through a single information set will allow your teams to work collaboratively to improve performance.