Over the years, we’ve witnessed advances in production and supply chain automation that are truly staggering. For many companies, other business processes remain slow, error prone and manual, and are a bottleneck to growth. In order for companies to survive and compete in today’s market, this has to change. Business process automation is about creating a value chain and differentiation in business operations… not just production and supply chain management.  Examples might include:

  • Material management and replenishment
  • Scheduling
  • Order capture
  • Fulfillment
  • System integration – closing the gaps between disparate internal and external systems

Software systems that focus on production, service or supply chain processes exert a significant amount of control over how businesses get work done. They define and manage the information needed to keep the business running, manage material, schedule production and organize fulfillment. Standard, off-the-shelf packages force everyone to be the same. Over the years we see this phenomenon erode competitive advantage and create significant costs just to adapt these systems to the way we really work. IT standards, theoretically designed to make system integration easy, don’t really work as advertised or turn out to be expensive extras — costing far more than the manual processes put in place to compensate for them. Time spent wrangling data and shuttling it from one system to another is time that could be spent winning customers and driving growth.

Fraysen allows organizations to create value through automating critical business process as they are really done. Our utilitarian mindset allows us to take the best systems in place and connect them like never before. Fraysen has successfully implemented rule-based production planning, paperless job ticketing, one-click material transactions, and countless business process automation tasks for clients. Clients decide how they want their business processes to work, and what their team needs to be able to do to get the job done. We start with a careful analysis of existing processes, staff activities, and systems surrounding them. We collect and map data from multiple sources and then model both equipment and people in the processes for a full picture. This allows clients to image the possibilities of how they uniquely create value for their customers while not being encumbered by what they think their system limitations are.

Fraysen Systems Analysis

Fraysen Systems Analysis

Fraysen Systems Analysis is an architectural solution to a business problem where current systems are incapable of leveraging the full value of your business operations. Download Brochure

Web-to-Print Integration


Today’s digital presses are capable of
significantly reducing setup and run
times versus traditional offset presses.
Getting orders and instructions to keep
your digital press producing is another
matter. All too often manual re-entry
of orders, quantity and other important
details grinds productivity to a snail’s
pace costing you big. Download Brochure

Commercial Printer Production Scheduling Solution


The printing business is highly
complex: each job is essentially
unique in terms of cost, volume,
process and tooling path. Most
print companies have to operate
on very short lead times and
with little margin for error.
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