Monitor business impact of real environment

IoT sensors measure real-time temperature, humidity, pressure, and other real-time environmental conditions. Your business depends upon reliably controlling the environment to ensure your product quality and reduce waste due to spoilage. How do you know if you are actually in compliance with your environmental conditions policy? Waiting for your customer to tell you is unacceptable. How can you use IoT sensors to create a historical quality record that ensures – and proves – compliance with your environmental conditions policy? And keep your customers assured and happy?

Fraysen EnvironIoT provides quality records to ensure your product complies with your environmental conditions policy and identifies non-compliant inventory to prevent customer delivery. EnvironIoT can find the root causes where non-compliance is a chronic problem—whether it is tied to external environment conditions, specific drivers, specific equipment, or geographies. Determine what is spoiling your inventory, so you can fix it.


Functional Deliverables
  • Integrates with an array of sensors (temperature, pressure, humidity, and more) in real-time
  • Integrates with your IoT sensor gateway
  • Supports unlimited inventory of equipment
  • Integrates with your inventory business system
  • Configurable thresholds for environmental conditions
  • Generates alerts and exception reports of spoilage
  • Auto-generates delivery redirection requests for non-compliant inventory
  • Determine root causes of non-compliance trends
  • Deployable on your server, VM or Cloud server
  • Schedules optimal servicing route
  • Integrates with other business systems to push information to them (e.g. job ticketing)