Internet of Things

Big Data analytics for IoT sensor data

IoT is a fast emerging way to harness the real world for the benefit of your business. But determining the right sensor hardware and solving data collection is not enough. You must apply analytics to harvest this data for your business. Whether it’s a single purpose IoT solution or a massive IoT nationwide infrastructure, analytics are needed to realize your IoT investment – by providing the information that positively impacts your business. This isn’t about cool new technology—this is about beating the competition.

Fraysen IoTplus solves the IoT analytics problem by collecting your sensor data, analyzing that data and putting you in control, whether that is a trend dashboard, threshold alerting, or more. Unleash the power, reliability and scalability of the Fraysen System to perform advanced analytics using stateful and sophisticated statistical data modelling; integrate it with your business systems to drive action and therefore value.


Functional Deliverables

Starter solution for IoT Big Data

  • Integrates with your gateway and data collection database
  • Normalizes/Unpacks your sensor data into usable numbers
  • Configurable thresholds on sensor data
  • Configurable alerting (text, e-mail)
  • Deployable on your server, VM or Cloud server

Highly Extensible. Configure yourself or engage Fraysen Professional Services to

  • Extend/Alter dashboard to fit your needs
  • Extend the trending analytics to perform sophisticated analytics so you can
  • Manage replenishment of containers
  • Predict time to failure
  • Retain environment conditions for records
  • Manage data retention
  • Control environment through feedback
  • Integrates with other business systems (e.g. job ticketing)