predictive iot

Predict failure, minimize/eliminate downtime

IoT sensors measure voltage levels, count duty cycles, and use other means to gather data that can be used to predict equipment failure. Your business knows how to repair failed equipment when it fails. How about fixing it at the time of your choosing before it fails? Waiting until equipment fails incurs greater expense and impacts customer service. How can you use the equipment right up to the moment before failure and then repair or replace it—minimizing or outright avoiding—downtime?

Fraysen PredictiveMaintenanceIoT gives you the maximum life of your equipment without the headache of downtimes. PredictiveMaintenanceIoT is able to do this through real-time analytics from realtime sensor readings of your equipment. PredictiveMaintenanceIoT can forecast when failures will occur, giving your team time to order replacement equipment and schedule the service call (during off-hours if possible) before the failure.


Functional Deliverables
  • Integrates with your IoT collection database
  • Integrates with your IoT sensor gateway
  • Supports unlimited inventory of equipment
  • Integrates with your inventory and maintenance business systems
  • Configurable thresholds on replacement tolerance
  • Auto-generates service requests
  • Auto-generates equipment re-ordering requests (via workflow approval)
  • Dashboard of forecast failures by day, week, month, region, or territory
  • Schedules optimal servicing route
  • Integrates with other business systems to push information to them (e.g. job ticketing)