replenish iot

Order ahead and keep inventory lean

Lean inventory management is crucial for staying competitive. Overstock creates waste and ties up cash, while running out of supplies can cripple a profit center and slow delivery time by weeks. Inefficient procurement systems erode profit margins and can even put a company out of business.

Fraysen ReplenishIoT automatically reorders supplies by using IoT sensors to monitor container volumes and fill levels. Our solution eliminates unnecessary service fees, reduces waste due to overstocking, and delivers accurate revenue & expense forecasting.

When supply levels fall below appropriate thresholds, ReplenishIoT generates a service ticket for the optimal restocking level. By keeping a history of service tickets, ReplenishIoT can accurately forecast supply costs and identify abnormal consumption patterns.

Whether your business receives deliveries from vendors (train, truck, container) or internal sources, ReplenishIoT models fleet performance to ensure just-in-time delivery to keep standing inventory low and prevent waste.


Functional Deliverables
  • Integrates with your IoT device data
  • Frees up key personnel by automating routine ordering tasks
  • Configurable delivery constraints per your suppliers
  • Deployable on your server, VM or Cloud server
  • Dashboard to show real-time replenishment rates
  • Projection charts for revenue & expenses
  • Auto-generates service requests for low sites
  • Auto-generates supplier orders for projected low inventory times (via approval workflow)
  • Pushes data seamlessly to other business systems with no manual re-keying