Integration for Commercial Printers

Fraysen has integration solutions for commercial printers covering just about every aspect of operations. Our featured solutions are listed below. Contact us via our web form or call us at 919.913.8801 for more information.  If you would like to see our solutions in action schedule a demo.

Web to Print Integration

Web to Print

In today’s connected businesses environment, customer orders can originate from virtually anywhere. Web to Print is a rapidly growing sales channel. One that can only be fully exploited if orders flow seamlessly into your MIS system. All too often manual re-entry of orders, quantity and other important details grind CSR and sales productivity to a snail’s pace costing you big.  Fraysen OrderPlus solves this problem by automatically collecting order information from disparate systems to create complete, accurate and fully specified jobs that keep the presses running. Read more...

Commercial Printers Scheduling System

Production Scheduling

The printing business is highly complex: each job is essentially unique in terms of cost, volume, process and tooling path. Most print companies have to operate on very short lead times and with little margin for error. Most current MIS systems and processes require significant management effort to create, maintain and communicate the Production Schedule.  Once the schedule is released production management becomes a manual process of hand-carrying Job Tickets around the production floor, tracking them down to amend them when the job changes and hoping that nothing gets lost through the process. Read more...

Connecting digital presses to your MIS

Press to MIS Integration

Digital printing is transforming the landscape of commercial printing.  Jobs that used to take hours to setup and run on an offset press now zip through in minutes, provided your MIS systems and digital printers can communicate together. Otherwise your prepress, job dispatch and data collection processes are still stuck in the stone age.

Fraysen PrintPlus solves this communication problem by effectively translating between HP Smartstream and EFI Pace to get the most out of these powerful tools. The result is seamless information flow between systems making your work easier and the jobs run much faster.  Read more...