Web-to-Print integration with OrderPlus.


Web-to-Print integration with OrderPlus - it automatically collects order information from disparate commercial printing systems to create complete, accurate and fully specified jobs that keep the presses running.

The world of digital print has undergone a complete metamorphosis over the last ten years — and its evolution continues to accelerate at a breakneck pace. New print and small-scale manufacturing technologies have revolutionized distribution models across all industries. Overnight shipping has become more economical, eradicating the speed advantage that local vendors previously enjoyed. Large size and economies of scale no longer guarantee market domination. Competition has grown fierce — and print customers demand more sophistication than ever before.

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Web-to-Print Integration with OrderPlus

Key Advantages Include:

  • No more manual re-keying of orders from one system to another
  • Deliver tailored print solutions that meet the unique needs of customers
  • Free your CSRs up to build relationships and win more business
  • Shorten delivery times and improve agility
  • Predictable costs - ensures that every order is setup the same way in production
  • Improved demand forecasting - production sees order information instantly
  • Reduced production and setup costs
  • Improve equipment utilization and efficiency

OrderPlus translates order data into production-ready information and conveys it to your MIS system in real time — enabling you to deliver more value in less time at a competitive price without slashing your margins. We customize our solutions to your existing infrastructure, ensuring a seamless transition. It allows your key people to focus on building relationships and winning more business.

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