Flexible scheduling system for print production planning


Scheduling in the printing business is highly complex: each job is essentially unique in terms of cost, volume, process and tooling path. Most print companies have to operate on very short lead times and with little margin for error.

Most current MIS systems and processes require significant management effort to create, maintain and communicate the Production Schedule. Once the schedule is released production management becomes a manual process of hand-carrying Job Tickets around the production floor, tracking them down to amend them when the job changes and hoping that nothing gets lost through the process.

The schedule does not guide management decisions after the initial schedule is released despite the Herculean effort it takes to produce it once a day. In real life, decisions are made minute-to-minute throughout the day. This presents an enormous challenge in business and operations management since almost all operational decisions and communications have to be funneled through key individuals privy to all the priorities of the business.

Fraysen Systems’ SchedulePlus solution meets this challenge with a flexible scheduling system that standardizes processes, automates communication and simplifies decision-making — allowing more seasoned staff to focus on critical decisions and customer interactions where their experience is vital to success.

Functionable Deliveries

  • Automatically pull Job information from existing MIS system
  • Calculate slack time for each job, job part and task against its most aggressive customer or subcontractor delivery date using a configurable work schedule
  • Automatically maintain a current order of tasks at each work center by their remaining slack time

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Allow Management and CSR Staff to:

  • View the ordered task list for all work centers in each department
  • Reprioritize tasks with just a click and drag
  • Call up the complete Job Ticket for any Job with a single mouse click from the Department planning screen
  • Plus More

Allow Operations Staff to:

  • See the prioritized list of tasks for any work center
  • Distinguish between tasks which are ready for them to process, and those which are not
  • Complete a task with a single click from the work center Job Ticket
  • Plus More
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